Beswick Tailor of Gloucester

Tailor of Gloucester

This dear little chap was modelled by Arthur Gredington and comes in two versions with two variations in the 2nd version.
Version one is in the small size (8.9 cm) and was issued in 1949 and ran for 53 years until Beswick ceased production of all beatrix potter figurines in  2002.   It has the back-stamp BP-1a, BP-1b, BP-2, BP-3a, BP-3b, BP-3c, BP-4 or BP-10c.
N.B. Only a very small quantity with the back-stamp BP-1a are known to exist.
Version two – variation one is in the large size (15.0 cm) and was issued in 1995 and ran until 1997.  It has the back-stamp BP-6b (Royal Albert).  
Version two – variation two- Gold Edition: was issued in 1998 in a limited edition of  1,947.  It has GOLD accents and has the back-stamp BP-9c.

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