Royal Albert Peter Rabbit

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Peter Rabbit

There are two versions of this figurine with six variations within those versions.   However Royal Albert was only involved in producing two of the six variations.
First Version – Second Variation:  This figurine, which is in the small size (11.4 cm), was modelled by Arthur Gredington.  Peter has a light blue jacket with yellow buttons.   Royal Albert issued it between 1989 and 1998 and it has the BP-6a back-stamp.
Second Version – First Variation:  This figurine, which is in the large size (17.1 cm), was modelled by Martyn Alcock.   Peter has a light blue jacket and yellow buttons.  Royal Albert issued the figurine in 1993 and discontinued it in 1997.   It has the BP-6b back-stamp.
N.B. This page may include other figurines featuring peter rabbit.   They have their own pages.

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