The Tailor of Gloucester – Storybook

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‘The Tailor of Gloucester’ was first published in 1903 and tells the story of a poor tailor who lives in Gloucester, with his cat.   Mice also live in his shop. The tailor has many little pieces of material and ribbons that he cannot practically use as they are too small.   The mice take these and make fine clothes for themselves.
The tailor’s can Simpkin is sent out to buy food.   He is also told to buy a twist of cherry-coloured silk  ao that the Tailor can make a waistcoat for the mayor who has asked for one for his wedding day, which will take place on Christmas morning.
Simpkin has imprisoned the mice in teacups and the Tailor finds them there whilst Simpkin is gone.  The mice take the opportunity to escape whilst Simpkin is away but when he returns and finds his mice gone he is angry and hides the twist of silk.
The tailor becomes ill and is not able to make the waistcoat but when he returns to his shop he is very surprised to find that the coat is finished.   The mice were so grateful that the tailor had rescued them from Simpkin that they had made the waistcoat.   However, they could not finish one of the buttonholes as there was not enough ‘twist’.   However Simpkin gives the tailor the twist and he is able to complete the waistcoat which is such a success that the tailor makes his fortune.


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