The Tale of Jeremy Fisher – Storybook

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The Tale of Mr Jeremy Fisher tells the story of a frog who lives next to a pond. The story tells us all about his mis-adventures.  One day he decides he wanted minnows for his dinner so he dons his macintosh and wellington boots, because it is a very rainy day, and goes out to fish.
He takes his lily-leaf boat and his rod to the middle of the pond and makes himself comfortable.  He sits for an hour but catches no fish and, as he is tired he takes a break to have a butterfly sandwich for his lunch.
He decides to move his boat further away as he has been interrupted by a rat and a water beetle.  Lo and behold he gets a bite almost immediately, but what he thought was a fish turns out to be the stickleback little Jack Sharp. who promptly jumps back into the water.
The stickleback spines have hurt Mr. Jeremy’s fingers and he takes time to nurse them.   All at once a trout jumps up and snaps him in its mouth.  Fortunately the macintosh causes the trout to spit him back out, but it swallows his wellington boots.
As he swims to the shore Jeremy is upset at the loss of his basket and fishing rod but decides he will not be going fishing again anyway.  At the end of the day his friends Sir Isaac Newton (a newt) and Mr. Alderman Ptolemy Tortoise come to dinner.   They cannot have of minnows but they have roasted grasshopper with lady-bird sauce instead.

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