The Tale of Benjamin Bunny – Storybook


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The Tale of Benjamin Bunny

This wonderful tale, which was first published in 1904,  tells the story of Benjamin Bunny and his cousin Peter Rabbit.   While Mr. McGregor is away they go into his garden.   Their purpose is to look for the clothes that Peter lost in the story ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’.   In that story Mr. McGregor had put Peter’s clothes on to a scarecrow.   Peter and Benjamin find the clothes and then they gather some onions.
Benjamin wants them to stay in the garden for longer but Peter, because of his previous unhappy experience in the garden feels very nervous about staying.   The two rabbits are then caught by a cat, but fortunately they are rescued by Benjamin’s father.
Mr. Benjamin Bunny is of course Peter’s uncle.  He is very angry with the young rabbits and punishes them before taking them home. However, as Peter has found his clothes his Mother forgives him and Peter gives her the onions.

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