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Border Fine Arts Musical Figurines
The Musical Figurines are produced in Ceramic and are hand painted. As with all the Figurines the Musicals are produced using artwork inspired by the original illustrations from the Beatrix Potter Stories.
Below is a list of the available Musical Figurines:
Jemima Likes Looking After Her Ducklings.
              Tune: “When the Saints Go Marching By”
Border Fine Arts Musical Figurine Mrs RabbitJemima Puddle-Duck.
              Tune: “Schuberts Lullaby”
Flopsy Bunny.
              Tune: “Mozarts Lullaby”
Mrs Rabbit.
              Tune: “Schuberts Lullaby”
Mrs Tiggy-Winkle.
              Tune: “Hush Little Baby”
Peter Rabbit.
               Tune: “Rock-a-Bye-Baby”
Timmy Willie.
              Tune: “Brahms Lullaby”

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Beatrix Potter A5018 Alphabet Letter Z Appley Dapply
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Beatrix Potter A5014 Alphabet Letter V Hunca Munca Baby
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Beatrix Potter 271780 Mrs Rabbit And Peter Miniature Figurine
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Beatrix Potter A26154 Mrs Tittlemouse Ceramic Figurine
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