The Tale of the Pie and the Patty Pan – Storybook

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In the Tale of the Pie and the Patty Pan a little dog named Duchess is invited for tea by Ribby the cat.  She is convinved that Mouse Pie is on the menu.   She has herself cooked a veal and ham pie, the crust of which is held up by a patty-pan (a small piece of tin).   She feels she cannot refuse Ribby’s pie but comes up with the idea to exchange her own pie with the cat’s.
Duchess sneaks into Ribby’s house while she is out shopping and places her pie in the top oven.  Despite looking everywhere she cannot find the mouse pie but has no idea that it is in the bottom oven.   She didn’t know this door actually opened.
Ribby returns home and sees evidence of an intruder. Duchess arrives for tea but does not see Ribby taking the pie out of the bottom oven. Ribby gives Duchess the pie while she eats muffins. Duchess thinks the pie is hers and is worried when she cannot find the patty pan.   Ribby says she has never used a patty pan.
Duchess begins to feel quite ill as she thinks she has swallowed the patty pan and Ribby swiftly runs out to find Dr. Maggoty, a magpie. Meanwhile Duchess finds her own pie and realises that she is unwell because she has been eating a mouse pie after all.
Ribby later finds the remains of the pie dish and the patty-pan, as a magpie and jackdaw have eaten Duchess’ pie and she decides that it would be much better, despite thinking that she was inferior company, to invite cousin Tabitha Twitchit for tea in the future.

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