Royal Albert Benjamin Bunny

Benjamin Bunny
Benjamin Bunny is included in the four figurines noted below – 
Benjamin Bunny:  This figurine comes in two sizes.  The first was modelled by Arthur Gredington and is (10.1 cm high). The second was modelled by Mar
tyn Alcock and is 15.9 cm high.
There are four versions of Benjamin Bunny but Royal Albert only produced versions three (first variation) and four (first variation).   In these versions Benjamin’s ears are hidden inside his hat and the shoes he is holding are molded to his body.  It is identified as having ‘Ears In Shoes In’.
Third Version – First Variation:  (small) In this figurine Benjamin can have either a brown jacket or tan jacket.
It was issued in 1989 and ran until 1998 and has the back-stamp BP-6a.
Fourth Version – First Variation:  (large)  In this figurine Benjamin has a Tan jacket green beret with orange pom-pom.  It was issued in 1994 and ran until 1997 and has the back-stamp BP-6b.
Benjamin Bunny Sat On A Bank:  David Lyttleton modelled this dear little chap.   He was produced in two versions but Royal Albert only issued the second version which has Benjamin with his head looking up.
The figurine was issued in 1989 and retired in 1997 and has the usual Royal Albert back-stamp of BP-6a.
Mr Benjamin Bunny:  There are two versions of thifigurine but Royal Albert only produced the second version which they issued in 1989.  In this variation his pipe is ‘in’ – in other words it is moulded to his chest. Benjamin has a lilac jacket and has the back-stamp BP-6a.  It was discontinued in 1998.
Mr Benjamin Bunny and Peter:  Royal Albert issued this figurine in 1989 and it was discontinued in 1995.  It was modelled by Alan Maslankowski.   It has the back-stamp BP-6a. 

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