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Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit is probably the most famous of all of the Beswick figures.  He was first issued in 1948 and retired in 1980  This lovable character features in several of the Beatrix Potter Tales. 
There are several versions of the Peter Rabbit Figurine
The First Version
Height: 11.4cm
First Variation: 
Issued:  1948 – 1980
Modelled by:  Arthur Gredington
Colour:  Dark Blue Jacket with Yellow Buttons
Beswick Backstamps: BP-1a:  BP-1b: BP-2:  BP-3a: BP-3b: 
Second Variation:
Issued 1980 – 2002
Colour:  Light Blue Jacket with Yellow Buttons
Beswick Backstamps: BP-3a: BP-3b: BP-3c: BP-4: BP-10b.
Third Variation:
Issued 1997 – 1997 
Colour:  Light Blue Jacket with Gold Buttons 
Beswick Backstamp: BP-9b
Fourth Variation:
Issued: 2001 – 2002
Colour: Blue Jacket with Yellow Buttons
Beswick Backstamp: BP-11a 
Second Version
Height: 17.1cm  
First Variation:
Issued 1993 for one year only
Modelled By: Martyn Alcock
Colour: Light Blue Jacket Yellow Buttons
Beswick Backstamps:  BP-7 – hundred years anniversary
Second Variation:
Issued 1997 – Limited edition of 1,947
Colour: Blue Jacket with Gold Buttons
Beswick Backstamp: BP-9c  
N.B. This page may include other figurines featuring peter rabbit.   They have their own pages. 

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